Watchmen Warriors

Watchmen Warriors is a new initiative that is designed to connect the praying power of churches across the East Riding with specific prayer needs supplied to us by the Police and other Emergency services. 

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The initiative was inspired by a city-wide prayer movement in Liverpool which has seen measurable change in their city through targeted prayer, combating areas like drugs, human trafficking, anti-social behaviour, poverty and crime. Watchmen Warriors will send out a bi-monthly prayer bulletin which will then be publicised around the churches and prayer groups of the East Riding.

1) Mental Health

Police officers have to live with an incredible amount of personal pressure, due to the nature of their work. Mental health issues are on the increase among police officers. The need to develop a support group for men and women within the forces has become very evident. PC Carl Osler is currently looking, with others, at setting up such a group. Please pray for wisdom for Carl, that he would be able to make the right connections and obtain any resources which are needed to see this vital help established.

2) Issues relating to the Christmas season

1.    “Black Friday” for the police is Friday 20th of December. This is the day when lots of companies finish work for Christmas, bringing a significant spike in drunken behaviour and violence (both domestic and on the streets). This has a huge impact on both the police and ambulance services and puts tremendous pressure on the NHS and all resources. Why not make a diary note to specifically pray for the Police and Emergency services on this day.

2.    Over the holiday season, drink-driving and driving whilst under the influence of drugs is also a big issue. Pray that God would influence people to be responsible in this area. Pray also for protection for the public, for passengers and for any drivers involved, for those whose policing provides a deterrent and for the emergency services involved in any incidents.

3.    Loneliness, especially over the Christmas holiday period, leads to an increase in suicides. Pray for those who are at risk.

4.    There is also a greater risk of domestic violence at this time of the year, which can be fuelled by alcohol, financial pressures or relationship issues.

5.    There is often an increase in incidents on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Prolonged drinking celebrations can easily spill over into anti-social behaviour and violence.

3) Brexit

“The issue of Brexit has played a part in an increase in hate crimes, with both families and communities becoming deeply polarised by the referendum vote of June 2016. Illegal migration and human trafficking also remain important issues. Pray for peace on our streets and in communities, and that any protests would remain peaceful and respectful.

Let’s stand together as Christian believers and pray that we see a measurable reduction in the crime statistics across the East Riding. And let’s not forget to pray for the welfare of all of the Police and other emergency services personal who make such a positive contribution to our communities.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6, 12)

“Watchmen Warriors” is a part of the “Pursuing His Presence” regional prayer movement. It is managed by Julie Burton (Pocklington) and Steph Murray (Driffield), overseen by John Beynon (Beverley) and administered by King’s Church Beverley, with information supplied by Carl Osler, the Community Cohesion Police Constable for the East Riding

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