How to Go Greener Day

The ‘How to Go Greener Day’ on Saturday 30th March was a great success with many attendees, and everyone agreed that the quality of the speakers was outstanding. The speakers were drawn from a wide range of environmental campaign groups.

The day started with coffee and an introduction by Rev’d Peter Cross.

Rev’d Peter Cross welcomes the attendees to How to Go Greener Day

At 10:15 a rousing talk by Hilary Blake of ‘Joy in Enough’, a Christian sustainability group.

Then a talk by Rachel Curry which examined the very complex science behind the climate change arguments. With a background in science, and currently studying chemistry at York University, it was nice to hear from someone with expertise in climate chemistry.

Rachel Curry showed the audience some excellent and compelling scientific evidence for climate change.

Then a coffee break, which featured vegan milk, fair trade tea and coffee and locally sourced cakes – from volunteers.

Vegan milks!
Elaine works with the locally sourced scones!

Suitably refreshed, everyone then listened to a talk by former MEP Philip Bennison, now the owner of a small arable farm, on how farmers can help feed Britain and the world with better crop yields and sustainable farming practices.

Farmer Peter Bennison talked about sustainability in farming.

Next, David Hughes, a founder of the Climate Stewards organisation, gave a talk about how we can all help to reduce human impact on the environment.

David Hughes of Climate Stewards talked about how we can all help in the battle against climate change.

At 12:15 Kallum Nicholson took the podium and talked about the looming disaster of discarded plastic in the environment, especially the oceans. Plastic particles are now found in the bodies of creatures throughout the oceanic food chain, from shrimps to the great whales.

Kallum Ncholson gave a talk which warned about the effects of discarded plastic on oceanic life, and the danger this poses to humans.

Finally, local circuit preacher Linda Johnson talked about the joys of veganism and how, conversely, modern industrial livestock farming is having a dramatic adverse effect on the environment.

Linda Johnson talks about the joys of veganism.

After a tasty locally sourced vegan lunch there were afternoon workshops where green activists, green organisations and green businesses talked about their campaigns, ideas and products.

Green Christians talk about their beliefs
Ethical products were on sale at the event
Free Flow talk about the ethical approach to period poverty
Ethical cloth demonstrations
Making eco bricks from discarded plastic
Friends of the Earth
A smiling face from Christian Aid.

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