A word from Reverend Peter Cross

Dear Friends

It is two weeks since I last wrote to you, and it feels like a long time. It is too early to talk about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but some things have happened for which I am very thankful, and which suggest that such a light does exist, and we will soon begin to see it.

Following a barrage of bad news it was good to hear of the birth of the Prime Minister’s son. Life goes on and it will go on. People have died, but children will be born. The blossom is on the trees so the fruit will be there to pick in Autumn. Hope is stronger than despair. It was also encouraging to hear and see that we are over the peak of the pandemic and on the home stretch. Our sense of helplessness is less than it was, and linked with that is the encouraging news about the reaction of the virus to certain drugs. All in all we have much to be hopeful about.

The theme of our worship this week is “Jesus the Good Shepherd”. As I reflected on those words, I came to see how within them is a comprehensive promise about the grace and love of God. It seems that in ancient Palestine the biggest part of the shepherd’s role was protecting his sheep from danger and threat. We look to God for a similar assurance today.

I was saddened to hear of the death of our second oldest member at Norwood Methodist Church this week. Arthur Drew was 98 years old and he was “called to higher service” on the last day of April. Arthur was a faithful servant of God at Norwood Methodist Church for more years than I’ve been alive on the planet. Our Methodist language is quaint, but very true. He continues his service in the presence of God and in the company of his beloved wife who died many years ago. Our thoughts and prayers are with Arthur’s family. When the lock down is lifted, there will be a rousing thanksgiving service in his memory.

Here is the link for our Sunday Worship. I remain eternally grateful to Graham Johnson who has expertly edited the video and uploaded it to Youtube. Can I also commend the Norwood Facebook page where you can join in a live act of worship at 10.45am on Sunday morning. I have also included a link to the worship from Beverley Minster. Finally there are a few written resources to help you focus on God which can be used whenever you wish.

God Bless

Keep well and keep safe


Worship Video

Norwood Facebook

Toll Gavel Facebook

Beverley Minster Worship

Methodist Resources

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