Ignite Worship, launched in Beverley in September 2009, takes place on the 4th Sunday evening each month and is supported by our worship bands – THE IGNITE BAND or IGNITE UNPLUGGED and is an alternative worship experience aimed at all ages who are wanting to join an alternative experience of worship.

Ignite aims to :

  • Provide people with an opportunity to meet God in a culturally relevant way.
  • Provide the opportunity to worship God in a way that is in keeping with Psalm 150: With music and with dancing, loud crashing cymbals where everything that we do praises the Lord.
  • Make the Gospel message accessible for all in ways that fit in with modern living.
  • Provide an arena for people to come together to explore faith, their faith and life’s big questions.

And to do this:

  • It will not be restricted to those people who are already of the faith, or to those people with whom the church is already in contact.
  • It will use the talents of local people to engage, inspire, challenge and support these young people.
  •  It will be the foundation for  people to build their beliefs and faith.