29th November 2019

Black Friday

What Traidcraft will be doing that day

We are slowly waking up to the fact that our lifestyles are having a profound effect on the planet that sustains us.

The average annual carbon output of a person living in the UK today is around 6.5 tonnes. As carbon is intangible, it is difficult for us to envisage what this really means… so let us try to explain.

Put simply, every single person in the UK would have to plant 1,000 trees each, to counteract their annual carbon output. This would stretch three acres – that’s one and a half football pitches! This statistic doesn’t just scare us, but panics us, which is why we may be the only business who are actively encouraging our customers to consume less.

We believe that the key to buying less, is buying right… investing in what is good, rather than chasing what is cheap.

We actively reject and object to the mindless feeding frenzy that is Black Friday.

This Black Friday, you won’t see any flash sales or discounts across our website, encouraging you to buy more ‘stuff’ than you really need. Instead, from 11am-3pm on Black Friday, the Traidcraft team are going to break the rules – downing tools and splitting into teams to address the injustices we see in society.

Team 1: Will be addressing social injustice by running a refreshment station open to all, at Newcastle Cathedral, as well as offering jute bags filled with toiletries for the homeless in our local area.

Team 2: Will be addressing environmental injustice by heading outside to tend to our office gardens and grounds, addressing our own carbon footprint.

Team 3: Will be addressing the maintenance of our own environment at our Gateshead HQ, restructuring our offices to create a positive working environment which reflects our culture.

They are also giving out toiletries to the homeless in the local area

Friday 6th December 7:30 pm

Pettman Ensemble – Classical Chamber Music

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Friday 6th December and first Friday of the month thereafter

Creating Space for God

Norwood Church, Beverley

Creating Space for God
Creating Space for God