Corona Virus

Please note that sadly, due the the Corona Virus Pandemic, all activities at the church are suspended until further notice. Please see the letter from our minister below.

Letter from our Minister (in PDF form).

Full text of the letter:

Dear Friends,

In 31 years of ministry this is by far the hardest letter I have ever had to write. The COVID19 pandemic has impacted on all our lives and will continue to do so for some time to come. The Government has issued some strong advice concerning measures to combat this threat and The Methodist Church together with the Anglican Church and the United Reformed Church have jointly agreed to comply fully with those guidelines.

Therefore, with great sadness it is my duty to tell you that all activities at our churches must cease until further notice. This includes Sunday Worship in all its forms, coffee mornings, lunch clubs, children’s groups and young people’s activities, fellowship groups, prayer meetings, bible studies and business meetings. This also includes house groups and other meetings which are not held on church premises. It causes me great heaviness of heart to pass these instructions on to you, but I know you will understand the need for us to comply with the advice of experts in order to show our love and concern for our communities and particularly for the most vulnerable in those communities.

This will be a challenging time for us, but I am reminded that we are the people of God wherever we are, and not just when we get together in the church building. As followers of Jesus we are called to be like salt and light, bringing God’s blessing to the communities in which we live. We now have an opportunity to be creative and imaginative in the way we live up to that call. We can keep in touch with each other through the telephone, email and social media and even writing letters. We can keep a watchful eye on our neighbours, especially the elderly and the lonely. I would ask Pastoral Visitors to telephone people on your list regularly, so everyone has at least one phone call to look forward to. Just now, we cannot come together for worship and encouragement, but we can still build up and strengthen our relationship with each other in different ways.

I hope to provide some material each week which you can use for prayer and worship in your homes. And I would welcome any advice from anyone who is able to show me how to webcast a service which we can all access together. I am concerned that not everyone has an internet connection and I would also welcome ideas as to how to reach those people too. If you received this letter by email it means I have your address and your permission to use it, if you are reading it on the website or a Facebook page and would like to join the email distribution list please email me at If you do, I will assume that you also give permission for me to use your email, but not pass it on to any third party.

Our faith will be tested in the coming days and weeks, but remember at the heart of that faith lies a belief in a loving God, who does not leave us alone in time of trouble, a Saviour who was willing to lay down his life for us, and an unbreakable promise that nothing – not even COVID19 – can separate us from the love of God which we see in Jesus. Pick up a Bible and read Romans 8:35-39. These words have really come alive for me today.

God Bless