Toll Gavel Driveway Sale

Toll Gavel Church Driveway Sale

In July 2020 Toll Gavel Church held a driveway sale. Here are some pictures of this popular event.

Toll Gavel United Church Social Responsibility Newsletter

All We Can: This week we received the certificate from All We Can for the support given by TG members to the charity for the year ended August 31. It informs us that we gave £2055.  This includes amounts given by individual members privately. Across the connexion £140,000 was raised to support the partner project in Cherkos in Ethiopia. I am pleased to inform you that we raised over £500 for the new partner project over the Harvest weekend. Some people also sent their donation direct.

Acts 435 I had a call from Alan Whitehead who came to speak to the group about the work of the charity. At the start of lockdown, we asked for help for a lady who occasionally visited the Centre Café. The charity has been able to provide her with a new vacuum cleaner and more recently with a new washing machine as both of hers had broken down. When her needs were advertised, the money was forthcoming within 24 hours. She is very appreciative of the help given.

I regularly receive national updates from Acts 435 HQ with request for help If you would like this forwarded please let me know.


  1. I was able to participate in Traidcraft’s on-line AGM at the end of September. They were able to report a profit of £22,000 for the year ended March 31 compared to a loss of £400,000 in the previous year. Turnover dropped by 33%. Costs also dropped substantially because of the reduction in staff. The company has seen a big shift in trading with on- line trading seeing a sharp rise. The current staff were congratulated for their energy, passion and commitment.
  2. On Monday October 19 I was able to participate in the Yorkshire Fairtrade Region Conference held on-line.  The keynote speaker was Erinch Sahan Chief Executive of the World Fairtrade Organisation. He told us we are a vision of the way trade should work, a business model with a focus on people and planet rather than profit. This was followed by a panel discussing questions which had been sent in. The panel included Subita Benerji CEO of THIRST, which focuses on working in the tea industry and exposing the exploitation of workers which still goes on. Dominique Muller also took part, and she is the Policy Director of Labour Behind the Label campaigning for better and fair working condition in the clothing industry. Also taking part was Tom Wills from Traidcraft Exchange. It was an inspiring evening! There was a plea at the end of the evening that when lockdown finally comes to an end that we do not return to ‘trade as usual’.
  3. Christmas is Coming!  We cannot sell or promote the purchase of Fairtrade products in the usual ways this Christmas as some churches are still closed and there will be no public events where we can have a stall.  So, I have 40 copies of the Traidcraft catalogue in circulation and another 60 copies are due to arrive this week. The plan is to distribute them to as many TG, Norwood and Walkington members as possible. On most Saturdays we will be using the stalls in the church drive for special events and will include a Fairtrade stall. I have already received some substantial orders.

Personal: Barbara James was admitted to hospital early on Sunday morning

Hope you are all well and looking forward to winter!!


The Hanging Gardens of Beverley

We think this was a great project for COVID lockdown. Peter Clark created this system for a perpetual supply of salad leaves, herbs, spinach and rocket with clever pipework and empty plastic drinks bottles which also cleverly disguised a boring brick wall! Ingenious!

Hanging Gardens of Beverley

Pentecost Pastoral Letter from the District Chair, The Revd Leslie Newton

Dear friends,
There’s a tradition in many parts of the country, certainly in times past, for Pentecost to be celebrated by local churches sharing in “Whit Walks.” These walks are a witness and celebration of God’s great gift of the Spirit. The contrast of the Whit Walks with Pentecost celebrations this year couldn’t be starker. We could not physically gather together in our churches never mind go onto the streets en masse.

Read more in this PDF….

A word from Reverend Peter Cross

Dear Friends

It is two weeks since I last wrote to you, and it feels like a long time. It is too early to talk about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but some things have happened for which I am very thankful, and which suggest that such a light does exist, and we will soon begin to see it.

Following a barrage of bad news it was good to hear of the birth of the Prime Minister’s son. Life goes on and it will go on. People have died, but children will be born. The blossom is on the trees so the fruit will be there to pick in Autumn. Hope is stronger than despair. It was also encouraging to hear and see that we are over the peak of the pandemic and on the home stretch. Our sense of helplessness is less than it was, and linked with that is the encouraging news about the reaction of the virus to certain drugs. All in all we have much to be hopeful about.

The theme of our worship this week is “Jesus the Good Shepherd”. As I reflected on those words, I came to see how within them is a comprehensive promise about the grace and love of God. It seems that in ancient Palestine the biggest part of the shepherd’s role was protecting his sheep from danger and threat. We look to God for a similar assurance today.

I was saddened to hear of the death of our second oldest member at Norwood Methodist Church this week. Arthur Drew was 98 years old and he was “called to higher service” on the last day of April. Arthur was a faithful servant of God at Norwood Methodist Church for more years than I’ve been alive on the planet. Our Methodist language is quaint, but very true. He continues his service in the presence of God and in the company of his beloved wife who died many years ago. Our thoughts and prayers are with Arthur’s family. When the lock down is lifted, there will be a rousing thanksgiving service in his memory.

Here is the link for our Sunday Worship. I remain eternally grateful to Graham Johnson who has expertly edited the video and uploaded it to Youtube. Can I also commend the Norwood Facebook page where you can join in a live act of worship at 10.45am on Sunday morning. I have also included a link to the worship from Beverley Minster. Finally there are a few written resources to help you focus on God which can be used whenever you wish.

God Bless

Keep well and keep safe


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